Andrey Pashkevich was born in 1945 in Moscow, as the elder son of an artist.

His father, Petr Isidorovich Pashkevich, worked as an art director in the film studio named after M. Gorki, in Moscow. Since childhood little Andrey spent a lot of time with his father at the studio, and from a very early age had the opportunity to experiment with his father's paints and paint brushes.

Andrey Pashkevich started his creative career when studying at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), where he not only graduated as a cameraman, but also took part in the art courses, given by famous professors such a Yuri Pimenov.

He was a contemporary of a generation of famous film producers such as Nikita Mihalkov and Andrey Konchalovsky, graduates of VGIK. As a cameraman, he worked on several full-length films, amongst which were some very popular films such as "I still love, I still hope" and "We lived as neighbours", and a number of documentary films. Having founded his own television company "Russian Musical Television" (RMTV) in the nineties, he was involved in creating cultural programmes and serials for Russian TV-channels.

In the years of "perestroika" Andrey started creating a special series of paintings which he called "Politecology". Influenced by all the important changes going on during the time of Gorbachev, in these paintings Andrey expressed his own view and his own feelings about what was going on around him. As he himself explains, he tried to create some kind of ecology by means of his paintings, meaning that he wanted to "purify" various alarming and very often ugly moments in the political life of his country.

 In his works, on the one hand one feels some irony and sarcasm and on the other hand a subtle humor. However, what is most important, harmony and an essential part of symbolism and philosophy always prevail.

All his paintings are an open invitation to start thinking about everything the country and its people went through and in this sense the series "Politecology" can be considered as a unique historical and philosophical chronicle.

Andrey Pashkevich was a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA) and participated to several exhibitions, especially since the beginning of the 1990-ies in Russia, Korea, Spain and in 1993 he was also invited to exhibit his works in Antwerp (Belgium) on the occasion of the special events held in Antwerp as Cultural Capital of Europe.

His works are to be found in numerous private collections, amongst which are those of George Bush Sr. and the Richard Nixon Foundation in the USA, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, India and South Korea.

Apart from his portraits and the series of paintings entitled "Politecology", Andrey Pashkevich is also very well known for his abstract compositions, which once again confirm the unique, all-round talent of the master.