When looking at these works, as always I feel a great sadness and a burden weighing on me. I have the impression that I do not understand our past at all. 

How we lived, what we had to go through, how we survived and are still alive to be present at this exhibition. 

Now, as in the past, it makes me wonder why this exhibition is becoming increasingly important. Always going higher and higher and higher. This means that this man, this artist, made something very significant out of our history. We all know Russia is an enormous country, it can not be embraced, but at the same time you cannot escape it. You can not be set free of it , you can not purify yourself from it. That’s why the painting, “Cheated Russia”, pleases Paola Volkova. But why is it that this country is constantly cheated? That is what I ask all the time.

I look at these paintings again and again also because this man is a cameraman, who took a painting brush in his hand and made drawings all his conscious life. He started with stilllifes and via these he came to global conclusions! The time will come when our history will in fact start to be interpreted, also through the medium of these paintings.

In your works, in your subjects a potential of a fantastically high level lingers.


Shavkat Abdusalamov,

Artist, writer, actor and film maker




 For me, it is obvious that Andrey Pashkevich, who started painting at the time, when Russia went through another turbulent period, represents a symbiosis of two artists: on the one hand there is the painter and on the other the cameraman. As a painter he reflects in a very original way the era in which he has been living, because, to a great extent, he perceived it as a cameraman and for him the daily life of the Russia of that time was put in the form of a film serial. And the artist in him tries to express it exactly in this way.

The works, which I had the chance to see at an exhibition in the gallery “Dom Naschokina”, and here in the Central House of Artists, tell me that Andrey Pashkevich is a highly qualified artist who noticed and absorbed everything, letting pass through himself not only the time but also the people in the Kremlin and the people who might have wanted to be in the Kremlin, but did not get there. Especially the still-lifes which were composed or, let’s rather say, endured by him and which remain in our memory as the symbols of that “Perestroika” and “post-Perestroika” period in Russia are very impressive.

When I saw his works of the series “Politecology” for the first time, I was very eager to set up an exhibition of artists working in an similar genre of paintings, of political symbolists. But to my great surprise, I discovered that, even in the West, nobody has done anything like this. There are caricaturists, people making posters and political satires, but artists-philosophers, who thoroughly interpret the modern history and politics, I never found. In this sense, Andrey Pashkevich is a unique artist.

For himself and for us he established a period which was interesting and important. Moreover, there is the high quality of the artistic presentation, which can immediately be seen by the naked eye. And also the post-Soviet symbolism that all of us endured. Because, in principle, the Russian artists of that generation adhered not even to surrealism, but to SYMBOLISM. Andrey Pashkevich expresses all this in a very convincing and extremely sharp manner.

These paintings will without any doubt live forever! They will take their place in the history of art and people will study them professionally. To be honest, I do not see in today’s Russia anyone, who might do it now. Obviously, as it happens very often, some time has to pass before young interested people start writing dissertations about these subjects, articles, scientific works and thus who will raise the interest in this artist and his creations, Because he is one of those people, whose role in society becomes more striking at a distance. 


Joseph Kiblitsky

Director of the Exhibition and Editorial Program of the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg




I knew Andrey as an unusual kind and charming person.

He always felt very concerned about his fellow-men and this is, of course, also reflected in his work.

Isn’t it obvious that his “Politecology” is a way of sharing an experience – through artistic means – of that long, but at the same time heroic and tragic transition period, which Andrey’s fatherland – Eternal Russia – went through, when changing from what the Germans called “realistic socialism” to another system? 

Andrey describes this transition with humour, but even more, with LOVE. Along with his compassion to the people surrounding him, he was concerned about the future of his country and translated these emotions in wonderful paintings, which are full of chronicle details and say more in one painting than the sometimes too extensive scientific analyses of experts in politics or sociology.

Through his works, for which you better take your time to look at and pay them a lot of attention, Andrey made his comments on the history of his country in an incredible way. And even if you saw his works many years ago, they still remain clearly printed in your memory and they change your view on reality. This shows your grandeur, dear Andrey.


Marc Michielsen,

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Belgium in Bulgaria




The paintings of Andrey Pashkevich express the content and the spirit of the Russian transition period which was very promising and tragic at the same time. They combine a political dynamism and an emotional tension. Not only the art connoisseur but also the political observer will always be impressed by this original and powerful artistic testimony about that period.


Henry Kissinger

American Statesman, expert on Foreign Affairs, US Secretary of State




Andrey Pashkevich is a rare example of an artist whose talent is a gift of God. This amazing talent is coupled with an incredible patience, persistence and endurance despite the cataclysms which we had to undergo every now and then. Moreover he is just a very sweet, wonderful person and this is obvious when you look at his works. For me he is a role model of our generation and I am fortunate to be part of his era.

Otar Iosseliani

Georgian-French film maker, scenario writer, actor and producer